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Prepressure covers design techniques, PDF, PostScript, fonts, JDF and numerous other prepress topics that have to do with printed communication and graphic arts. This site teams up with, the favorite stake-out of many prepress professionals who regularly visit its forums.

E-readers versus print

I only stumbled across this article recently, even though it is from May 2012: ‘Are eReaders Really Green?‘ is an interesting comparison of the carbon footprint of print and tablets. It makes the valid point that the ecological impact of manufacturing e-readers plays a major role when comparing the carbon footprint of printed books and magazines with their digital equivalents.

Graph comparing the ecologic impact of a tablet and print

Roll folds

A new page in the Finishing section documents various single page folding schemes, such as the roll fold shown below.

How to fold a leaflet with a roll fold

A look back at 2014

The ‘History Of Prepress’ section now contains a page dedicated to all the major prepress and printing news of 2014. From that page you can jump back  one year at a time, all the way to 1984. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!


Ages ago when my employer still sold lots of file servers, I created a page about RAID systems on this site. Because it was 1999 and the web was still young, that page became pretty popular. In fact it still ranks among the most visited pages today. I updated that page during the Christmas break, fixed some embarrassing mistakes and added a description of RAID 6. At the same time it was a nice exercise in using Adobe Illustrator to create SVG drawings. Internet Explorer 8 users won’t be able to see these, but that is something I can live with. Sticking to IE 8 is a stupid idea anyway.

Disk storage using RAID 6 stripingwith double parity across drives

Prepress Pete is tweeting

Trying to make an application idiot proof often leads to software that only idiots should buy.

The 2015 color of the year

Marsala (Pantone 18-1438) is the color of the year.

Since 2000 Pantone annually declares a particular color ‘Color of the Year’. I’ve added this little trivia fact to the pages on the history of prepress.

Specifying paper sizes

There is a new poll in the column to the right about the quality of ‘press ready’ PDF files. It replaces the previous question about how to specify page sizes, a poll that ran far too long. If you are still interested in learning how many people think a 200 x 250 mm page is 250 mm wide, visit the poll results page.

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New terms in the dictionary

Scratch off printing – the process of applying a foil to specific areas of a document. The foil can be removed with the edge of a coin or a fingernail to reveal the information printed beneath it. The process is often used on giveaway and contest printed materials, such as lottery tickets.
Short grain web press – A web press that uses printing plates whose long dimension is along the cilinders.
Ghost bar
– A ghost bar of take-off bar is a rectangular solid line or pattern that is added to a press sheet and trimmed away after printing. It helps equalize ink-laydown on the sheet by extending and evening out the printed area, thus avoiding ink starvation in any one place.
American Quarto
– Outside of North America the ‘Letter‘ page size is known as ‘American Quarto’.

What’s new?

New or reworked pages on 2014 prepress news, Xiaomi Mi2s, RAID, drupa, A8, abstracts, 2012, thermography, printing in the 18th century, photochrome prints and various dictionary terms.

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10 January 2015

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