Short scenic flights in Flight Simulator 2020

I’m more of a tourist than a pilot with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This flightsim is perfect for short trips to interesting places in the world. Here is a list of my favorite sight-seeing flights. I stick to the Piper

Lofoten islands

A mixture of sea, mountains and small villages make both this archipelago in Norway, as well as Iceland among my favorite destinations for a quick flight.

Grand Canyon

For a short flight use the 1G4 Grand Canyon West airport which is right next to the start of the canyon. Just head east for a minute or so and then dive into the canyon going south.

If you have an hour, it is more fun to take off in Las Vegas (KLAS Mc Carran Int), fly over the city and then head east to the Hover dam. Follow the lakes that take you to the canyon.

Taj Mahal

to be added

Piramides in Gizeh

to be added

Mosel valley

Take off near Koblenz at the EDRK Winning airport. Head north-east for a few minutes to see the town of Koblenz and the ‘Deutsches Eck’ where the Mosel river joins the Rhine. Make a U-turn and fly back up the Mosel river. I landed at EDRM Mont-Royal in Traben-Trarbach, about 44 NM from Koblenz, but you can go all the way to Trier or even fly into Luxembourg.


This rock in the south of Spain is perfect for a quick flight. Take off on LXGB Gibraltar AB, fly around the rock while admiring the cruise ships in the harbor, and land at the same airport 10 minutes later.

I haven’t tried yet to head south, cross the Street of Gibraltar and take a look at Tanger in Marocco.


to be added

Mount Rushmore

You’ll need an add-on for this but it is well worth it. The actual statue is well hidden in the landscape.

Disappointing flights

The Nazca Lines in Peru are hardly visible and simply not that impressive.

Niagara falls: the flight itself was fun, but the falls look like crap in the current release of Flight Simulator.

On the agenda

The places below are still on my todo list. So many great places, so little time!

  • Mont Blanc
  • Florence
  • Machu Pichu
  • The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio
  • Lake district in UK
  • Panama canal
  • Suez canal
  • Corinth Canal
  • Rock de Guatape, Colombia