Photochrome prints of England

Photochrom or photochrome prints are a type of color prints that were very popular between 1890 and 1910. The photochrome process was mainly used to print postcards. Below is a collection of such historical photographs from various places in England.

The ‘Victory’, admiral Nelson’s flagship in Portsmouth

A historical photograph of the stern of admiral Nelson's flagship

Magdalen Tower in Oxford

A historical postcard of Magdalen Tower in Oxford, EnglandWhitby abbey in Yorkshire

An old postcard of cows and Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire, EnglandPenshurst Place in Tunbridge Wells

On old postcard from around 1895 of Penshurst Place in Tunbridge Wells

A cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon

A historical photograph of a cottage in Stratford upon Avon, England

Shakespeare’s Memorial Theatre in Stratford-on-Avon

A historical photograph of the theatre in Stratford-on-Avon, created using the photochrom process

The high pier of Lowestoft

Historic photograph of the high pier of Lowestoft, England

The high street of Clovelly

Historical photograph of High Street in Clovelly, EnglandThe museum in Kew Gardens

Historical photograph of the museum in Kew gardens, England

East Parade in Bognor

Historical photograph of East Parade in BognorThe Cross and Row in Chester

Historical photograph from around 1895 of the Cross And Rows in ChesterValley Gardens in Harrogate (detail)

Historical photograph of Harrogate in England, printed as a postcard using the photochrom processThe beach of Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man

Historic photograph of the beach of Douglas on the Isle of ManCan’t get enough of these historical photographs?  Check out additional photochroms of North America, Ireland, the European continent and of sailing boats and steamers.