A photochrome trip across Europe

What is a photochrome, you may wonder. Photochrom or photochrome prints are a type of color prints that were popular around 1900. The photochrome process was mainly used to print postcards, making these prints an excellent way to discover what Europe looked like more than 100 years ago.

Our trip starts in the heart of Europe: Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Its Grand Place is surrounded by guildhalls, the city’s Town Hall, and the King’s House. Close-by is the city’s most famous statue, which you can discover on the page dedicated to old postcards of Belgium.

historic image of the Brussels Grand Place
Guildhalls on the Grote Markt or Grand Place of Brussels

A short trip up north brings us to the capital of The Netherlands. Not a hippie to be found in those days.

old postcard of Amsterdam
Dam Square in Amsterdam

From the port of Amsterdam, a cruise ship takes us to Norway to visit one of its many fjords.

Old postcard of Hardanger Fjord
Stalheim Hotel in Hardanger Fjord

After all that nature, it’s time for some culture. In 1897 there was a General Art and Industrial Exposition in Stockholm, Sweden. One theme of the exposition was the new media technologies of the day, including film and the phonograph. 

old postcard of a Stockholm expo
General Art and Industrial Exposition in Stockholm

On our way south to Germany, let’s do a quick stop in Denmark.

old postcard of Park Tivoli in Copenhagen
Park Tivoli in Copenhagen

From Copenhagen we continue into Germany, visiting the isle of Sylt and then the capital, Berlin, for a beer (or two).

historic photograph of the beach of the isle of Sylt
Chalets on the island of Sylt, Germany
Old postcard of Berlin
Cafe Bauer, Unter den Linden in Berlin
history picture of the Wilhelmshöhe castle
The  baroque lower castle of Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel

Vienna is a must-see, so from Munich we continue the trip into Austria.

postcard of the St Lucas church in Munchen
Lucaskirche in Munich, Germany
photochrome print of Vienna
Karlsplatz and the Karlskirche in Wien

Austria borders Italy, our next destination. The main city in the north is Milan, with its magnificent cathedral.

Photochrom of Milan - Italy
Piazza del Duomo in Milano

We’re not turning south to Rome, instead heading westward towards France. The trip takes us from the Mediterranian to the North Sea.

old postcard of the Marseiile harbor
The harbor and cathedral of Marseille
historic postcard of Mont Saint-Michel
Mont Saint-Michel

From Mont Saint-Michel you only need to cross the English Channel to get to Britain. Head over to the page with photochrome postcards from England to continue our trip or visit the photochrome prints page for more information about such prints.

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