Photochrome prints of harbors

Photochrom or photochrome prints are a type of color prints that were very popular between 1890 and 1910. The photochrome process was mainly used to print postcards. Below is a collection of such old historic photos from harbors around the world. A second page shows postcards that focus more on sailing boats and steamers.

Kingstown in County Dublin, Ireland (detail)

Historical photograph of the harbor of Kingstown in county Dublin, IrelandA steamship in Queenstown Harbor, County Cork in Ireland

I consider this a classic example of good composition for landscape photography: an interesting foreground is combined with a main topic in middle while the buildings keep the background relevant. The contours of the hills in the distance add to the atmosphere.

Historic photo of of a steamer in the harbour of Queenstown, Ireland

Steamers in the harbor of Caen, France

Historic photo of the harbor of Caen in FranceThe entrance to the harbor of St. Malo, France

Historic photo of the harbor of Saint Malo in FranceDetail from a postcard of the chateau fort of Annecy, France

Historic photo of the harbor and chateau fort of Annecy in FranceSailing ships in the harbor of Hamburg, Germany

Hostorical photograph of sailing ships moored in Hamburg, Germany

A sailing ship is pulled into the harbor of Littlehampton, England

Historical photograph of the pier of Littlehampton, England

Fisher boats in the harbor of Abbazia, Austro-Hungary

The composition of this picture is pretty funny as it gives the impression that the ships are locked up in this tiny harbor.

Historic photo of the harbor of Abbazia in Istria, Austro-HungaryThe harbor and admiralty of Algiers in Algeria

Historic photo of the admirality and harbor of Algiers in AlgeriaA steam boat enters the harbor of Helsingborg, Sweden

Historical photograph of a steam boat entering the harbor of Helsingborg, Sweden

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