Pictures of libraries in Austria & Switzerland

In many countries noblemen, the clergy, the government or rich people have built beautiful libraries. This page shows some stunning examples from Austria & Switzerland.


Austria, Vienna – The Austrian National Library

A photograph of the National Library in Vienna, AustriaAustria, Sankt Florian – Monastery library

Photograph of the Sankt Florian library

Austria, Admont – Admont abbey

library of abbey in Admont, Austria

Austria, Kremsmünster – Benedictine abbey

Photograph of the book collection of the Benediktinerstift Kremsmünster

Austria, Melk – Benedictine monastery

library of the Abbey of Melk in Vienna, Austria

Zwitserland, Sankt Gallen – Abbey library

Photograph of the book collection in the Abbey of Saint Gall in Switzerland

Can’t get enough of such pictures? I took some pictures from various other libraries around the world.