Printing museums

I enjoy walking around in museums, especially if they have to do with printing.  Whenever possible, I’ll photograph those historical letter presses, tools, prints and reproductions. Click the museum’s names below to see pictures from a few local printing museums.

The national museum of the playing card – Turnhout, Belgium

Printing press and sheet

Plantin-Moretus museum – Antwerp, Belgium

The press room at the Plantin-Moretus museum

Museum of lithography – Valkenswaard, The Netherlands

Brisset stoneprinting press

Historische drukkerij – Turnhout, Belgium

The largest press in the collection, a Marinoni 'Presse universelle'Imprimerie du Fourneau Saint-Michel – Saint-Hubert, Belgium

Detail of the printing press at the historic museum of Fourneau Saint-Michel

Industriemuseum – Gent, Belgium

The Agfa Compugraphic Editwriter 7500

Historische Drukkerij – Maastricht, The Netherlands

Metal type at the historical printing museum in Maastricht

You can check out this international overview to see if there are any such museums in your neighborhood.

Other related places

There are many other musea and places that show printed matter and that are worth visiting.

Het huis van Alijn – Ghent, Belgium

Poster for Columbia oil - on display at the Huis van Alijn - Ghent, BelgiumThe Selexyz Dominicanen – Maastricht, The Netherlands

The table shaped like a cross is a nice design touchVarious libraries around the world

The interior of the Public Library in 5th avenue in Manhattan, New YorkMy page on the Tsgrooten Antiphonary is a teaser to visit its official website.

A decorated initial and drawings in the margins