Y – ‘YAG’ to ‘YMCK’

This dictionary covers graphic design, prepress and print terminology
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Abbreviation for Yellow, one of the colors used in full-color printing.


Abbreviation for Yttrium, Aluminium, Garnet. This term usually refers to an infrared laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm. In fact, it should be Nd (neodymium) YAG but Nd is usually omitted. The name describes components of the synthetic gemstone used in the laser.


Rotational motion about the z axis, also known as azimuth or P.


Color space that defines colors using luminance (Y) and two levels of chrominance (C and C)


– The natural color of ripe bananas and lemons.
– The subtractive primary color that appears yellow and absorbs blue light.
– One of the four-color process inks, made from the organic pigment diarylide yellow, formerly called benzidine yellow.


The discoloration of white paper primarily due to aging, also called brightness reversion.

yield value

The actual amount of force needed to start an ink flowing.


Abbreviation for yellow, magenta, cyan, and key


Codename for Mac OS X 10.10