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Communication protocol

xerographic paper

Papers made to reproduce well in copy machines and laser printers.


A photocopying/printing process in which the image is formed using the electrostatic charge principle. Many page printers currently use this toner-based method of printing.


Abbreviation for eXtended Graphics Array, usually used to refer to a system capable of displaying 24-bit graphics at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.


In typography, the x-height equals the height of a lowercase letter ‘x’.


Abbreviation for X Logical Font Description.

XM screening

Cross modulated screening is a screening algorithm that combines FM screening in highlights and shadows to capture fine details, and AM screening in mid-tones to achieve smooth gradations. Agfa Sublima is an example of this type of technology.


Abbreviation for eXtensible Markup Language, a subset of SGML constituting a particular text markup language for interchange of structured data. XML is a trademark of the WWWC (World Wide Web Consortium). More information can be found on this page describing XML.


Abbreviation for Extensible Metadata Platform, a standard which was originally developed by Adobe for processing and storing information relating to the contents of a file inside the file itself.


Abbreviation for Transmitter On / Transmitter OFF.


Abbreviation for XML Paper Specification, a Microsoft alternative to the PDF file format. XPS is a page description language for exchanging documents that preserves their layout and offers good output quality on both the screen and printing devices.


Symbol used on invoices for books to indicate that returns are not permitted.


Manufacturer of densitometers and other measuring tools for the graphic arts industry


A small module or add-on that adds functionality to the layout program QuarkXPress


An ancient relief printing technique, also called block printing or woodcut.

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