Z – ‘z-axis’ to ‘zymurgy’

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In geometry the axis of a coordinate system drawn at right angles to both the horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis) axes. The z-axis adds depth to 3-graphics.


Binding term for two or more parallel folds that open like an accordion, sometimes referred to as an accordion fold. Leaflets and maps often use these folds.


The height of a lowercase letter ‘z’. Also see x-height.


– removable disk technology from Iomega that can store either 100, 250 or 750 megabytes of data on a disk that’s a little bigger than a three-and-a-half-inch floppy.

ZIP disk

– Compression algorithm that is used a lot on the Windows platform.


The enlargement or reduction on a computer screen of an image, a page or any other object.


This is the last word in my Longman dictionary. It refers to a branch of applied chemistry that deals with fermentation processes. Maybe this part of the dictionary could use some fermentation as well.

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  1. I’ve only just started using Scribus, and I’m having great fun with it. I have no background in dtp so I’m enjoying the steep learning curve, especially the jargon, so this glossary is brilliant. I don’t have an internet connection at home to be able to refer to sites like this so it would have been very useful to be able to download it as a pdf onto my memory stick for home use; instead I’ve had to download and copy it page-by-page.

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