Font basics

Technical background information on font formats, their OS support, history or their management.

Fonts formats

Operating systems, applications and fonts

Font management utilities

The history of fonts

Name that glyph!

  • What does an ampersand look like? How do you call that weird character that looks like a wobbly line? This overview shows a table of character shapes or glyphs along with their ASCII-code and name.

2 thoughts on “Font basics

  1. How do I get a simple answer to a simple question (?)
    Because for the last 15 minutes I have been cussin’ Apple with everything in my repertoire, explaining why I don’t own an iPod, an iPhone, or an iPad.

    I want to know how to change my default font in Snow Leopard . . and lock that in, so i don’t have to manually do that every fricken time I log on. Is that so difficult ? I have tried a myriad number of search terms to lock onto a specific thread which discusses that . . with no luck. i come up with all sorts of related bullsht, and no answer . . : >) . . as I bite my
    tongue in half . . .

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