Interesting printed documents

Here are a couple of oddly sized printed publications and other products that caught my eye. Below is the world’s biggest ever magazine, created by marketing agency The River Group and printing company Polestar. This issue of Healthy magazine measures 3.05 by 2.35 meter.

Printed by Polestar

This 18.27 by 25.35 millimeter newspaper, printed by Hungary’s Kner Press, is however at least as interesting. Usually, it are bibles that get printed this small. (Photo: EPA)

Printed by Kner Press

Moving back to big publications: the Klencke Atlas is the world’s biggest atlas, measuring 1.78 by 1.05 meters. The British Library owns this 350-year-old book.

World's largest atlas

A more recent big geography-related book is ‘Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Himalayan Kingdom’. According to the Guinness World Record book, it is the largest commercial book ever published.

World's largest commercially printed book

Something completely different are cat houses built from cardboard. Your cat can sleep in the White House.

cardboard cat house

The patterns and folding for the Taj Mahal are a bit more sophisticated.

Cardboard pet house for cats

31 December 2016

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