File formats

This section of the site deals with some common prepress related file formats besides PostScript and PDF. Most of these are generic file formats. In recent years, a lot of users have started to incorporate native file formats, such as Photoshop PSD and Illustrator AI, in their designs. Check out this thread for more information on this. This trend which is actively promoted by Adobe means that the file formats listed below are now less frequently used for many applications.

Next to these image file formats, there are other formats that are worth knowing about. EPUB, the file format for electronic publications, is a nice example.

Bitmap versus vector graphics

Some of the above file formats are used to store bitmap data and some carry vector data. Some file formats can even mix both types of data in one single file. There is a separate page about the difference between bitmap and vector data page.

7 thoughts on “File formats

  1. I want to convert manuscript images to microsoft word document please tell how can i do this

  2. i have some eps file and i want to import them into a corel draw. i can convert them to eps format in adobe illustrator CS4 but while converting this word document into the eps, the images havent the first quality. how i can import this documents without quality losses?
    thanks alot…

    1. Check the page on the EPS file format for some references to software to handle EPS-files. It is not entirely clear to me what you mean by ‘read EPS-files’? Do you mean ‘import’ or ‘view’?

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