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GWG 2017 PDF survey

The Ghent Workgroup is an industry association dedicated to advancing the print, publishing and packaging industries. They’ve set up a survey about the use of PDF to better understand how processes have changed over the years, which specifications are being adopted, and how workflows vary. Please participate to help them improve the solutions they offer and maybe win a price along the way.

PDF survey

Font versus typeface

The type snob is an informative article about typography. It focuses on web design but a lot of the recommendations apply to print design as well.

font versus typeface

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Friday flashback: The Macintosh IIfx, the best computer I ever worked with. Period. –

Apple Macintosh IIfx

The poll: photo calendars

Each year my employer creates a beautiful calendar, using a variety of inks, substrates and printing techniques. That limited edition is popular with customers but I wonder how many people still value printed calendars at home. That is why the new poll to the right asks if you still use one at home.

The previous poll asked visitors which version of Acrobat they use.

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Friday flashback: Louis Braille publishes his alphabet for the blind in 1829 –


Plantin-Moretus revisited

Last week I spent an afternoon taking pictures in the Plantin-Moretus museum.
Press room at Plantin-Moretus

Get your cards here

It is kind of fascinating that US citizens can ask their president to sent them a greeting card because of an upcoming birthday, wedding, retirement or other special event. You just have to fill in a form on the White House website. Since that site is currently being reworked, the page is temporarily offline. What you cannot ask, though, is the Christmas card that US presidents since Calvin Coolidge in 1927 send to their staff and supporters. Below is the 2013 card of president Obama.

President Obama Christmas card 2013

Graphic Design and Print Production Fundamentals

Who can resist a freebie? While working on a page about imposition I accidentally stumbled upon a free book about graphic design and print production. You can download the ebook version or read it online. It seems like a decent introduction but I haven’t read much yet, so you will have to find out yourself.

book on graphic design print production fundamentals

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Friday flashback: crude spot colors in funny penny prints –

A 19th century penny print of Jan De Wasscher


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18 March 2017

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