Is a web site truly part of the internet if it doesn’t contain crazy comments from some weird lunatic?

In an effort to make this site fit in with the rest of the web, this page will link to various rants of yours truly.

  • An old Prepress Pete cartoon makes a come-back.
  • There is some logic in getting all worked up over the Kindle reading experience while reading the biography of Steve Jobs.
  • In a rambling tale I try to prove there is some relationship between three silly pictures I accidentally stumbled upon.
  • I have always disliked iTunes but this feeling turned to pure hatred mid 2010 when it took that application 18 hours  to back-up my iPad.

10 more things I could rant about

There is no shortage of things that annoy me. Here is a list of 10 of them:

  • Apple mice
  • Images that ‘look fine on screen’
  • ‘Small’ changes to a job that you know will take ages to finish
  • People who pretend to love the smell of paper
  • People who claim applications or computers are broken just because they don’t know how to work with them
  • Sales guys and managers who need a detailed technical explanation about something but who never take notes
  • Internet lists about 10 things this-or-that
9 August 2013

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