Offending command: clip

A PostScript error offending command clip is caused by the RIP running out of memory. This can be caused by graduated or radial fills, complex or compound paths, text effects or complex masks in the document that is being printed.


  • Reduce the resolution of the printer.
  • Try printing just one side even if the printer can do doublesided printing.
  • Try simplifying the document.
  • This PostScript error can occur when a large graphic file has been cropped in QuarkXPress so that only a small portion is visible in the XPress picture box. Open the picture in an illustration program capable of reading it and save out the section you want to place in your QuarkXPress document
  • If you used the magic wand in Photoshop to mask some images: recreate the masks using the drawing tools of Photoshop. This simplifies these often very complex curves.
  • Drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator have an option to automatically simplify curves. Use this to reduce the complexity of the job.