Offending command: Colorimage

This error message obviously points to a problem with a color image in your layout.

Try sending the layout without any of the imported images just to make sure it is a problem with an image. Applications like QuarkXPress allow you to print ‘rough’ meaning all imported graphics are replaced by a cross. If the page without the images prints fine, it is time to locate the corrupted image.
If there aren’t that many images, try opening and saving all of them in an application like Photoshop. If there are too many images, just set half of them to ‘non-printing’ and try ripping your page again. If it won’t print, set yet another half of the remaining images to ‘non-printing’. Continue like this until the page outputs. This way you don’t have to search image by image which one is posing a problem.

PostScript error IOerror
If the PostScript error is an ‘ioerror’, the amount of data in one of the images is incorrect. Scan, edit, or import the image again.

PostScript error rangecheck
If the PostScript error is ‘rangecheck’, you probably tried printing a PostScript level 2 file to a PostScript level 1 device. Check your driver settings.