Offending command: ct_CffDict

A PostScript error ‘undefined’, offending command ‘ct_CffDict’ can show up when you try to RIP a file that has passed through a post-processing application like Preps or PressWise. The error is caused by embedded fonts. More information on this error may be available in the Adobe support database.

In general, try to download all the fonts that were used in the document to the RIP. Some post-processing applications like Preps have their own fontmanager. Try using that mechanism to handle the fonts.
For problems that involve PDF-files, try one of the following:

  •  When using Distiller 4.0 please recreate the PDF file with the ‘Compatibility’ option set to ‘Acrobat 3.0’. Alternatively you can download all the fonts used in the PDF to the RIP and re-create the PDF file using Distiller 4.0 without embedding any fonts.
  • If InDesign was used, use version 1.5 or later.
  • Convert text to paths in the original drawing application.