Offending command: dict

A PostScript error, offending command dict can be caused by the RIP not having enough memory to calculate part of the page.


  • Try to isolate the element (possibly a printer font or imported graphic) that causes the error and recreate or simplify it. Sometimes unused fonts get included in the print file and getting rid of them is enough to fix the problem.
  • Some RIPs tend to lose memory when they have been running for days or weeks without being reset or switched on and off. Reset the RIP and try printing again.
  • You can free up diskspace (which is used for virtual memory) on ancient (pre-2000) PostScript level 1 RIPs by performing a fontcache delete. This procedure gets rid of unnecessary temporary font files that take up valuable harddisk space. Most level 1 RIPs come with a utility to delete the fontcache, often it is just a little PostScript file that has to be downloaded to the RIP.