Offending command: Do(PDF)

A PostScript error ‘undefinedresult’ offending command ‘Do(PDF)’ can pop up on a Harlequin ScriptWorks RIP when trying to process a PDF 1.3 file.

This error is caused by the PDF 1.3 file format which is not supported by older versions of the Harlequin RIPs (including version 5.1). There are three solution for this incompatibility issue:

  • Upgrade to the release 5.3 or later of the Harlequin ScriptWorks RIP.
  • Create a PDF 1.2 document (compatible with Acrobat 3). Take into account that using Acrobat 4 to create Acrobat 3 compatible files sometimes does not work properly.
  • The above mentioned RIP software is really old (pre-2005 I guess). Upgrade to a more recent version.