Offending command: eoclip

A PostScript error offending command eoclip is caused by graduated or radial fills, complex or compound paths, text effects, masks.


  • Try simplifying the document. It is often one particular image or graphic that causes this problem. Replacing that or simplifying it can solve the problem.
  • If you used the magic wand in Photoshop to mask some images: recreate the masks using the drawing tools of Photoshop. This simplifies these often very complex curves.
  • Drawing programs like FreeHand offer filters to automatically simplify curves.
  • Some RIPs have an option to control a parameter called flatness. This defines the amount that a straight line approximating to a curve is allowed to deviate from the curve. If the value is increased curves will be printed less accurate but this also reduces the complexity of the path. Increasing flatness might solve a problem with a limitcheck error.