Offending command: execstackoverflow

A PostScript error offending command exectstackoverflow is caused by an incorrect PostScript file that is send to the RIP. There is really not much you can do to correct this type of errors (unless you are a PostScript God and sleep with the Adobe Red Book under your pillow). An execstackoverflow message means that exec nesting is too deep, there are too many pending nested procedure calls (see what I mean).


  • You should check whether a newer version of your application is available. There are applications that have issues with execstackoverflow errors with some particular files (Ghostscript versions up to release 9 being one of them).
  • Since some programs (essentially non-prepress applications) rely on the PostScript driver installed on your system to create the PostScript code that is send to the RIP, you can also try to use an other driver to print your file.
  • Any software that puts itself in-between the PostScript print file and its destination (the RIP or Distiller or whatever) can also cause this problem. Try to print your file without going through an OPI-server, a spooler or an imposition application.