Offending command: T1_gsave

A PostScript error undefined offending command T1_gsave can pop up on Fiery RIPs.


  • Upgrade to the latest release of the Fiery software
  • The following fix was mentioned on this page:
    • Open the pdf that is causing the problem with Acrobat Pro
    • Select ‘Edit’ –> ‘Preflight’
    • Under ‘PDF fixups’ select ‘Flatten Overprints’
    • Click ‘Edit’. Under the window pane on the left hover over the second button from the left and it should read ‘Duplicate the selected profile’. Click that and then in the window pane above choose the one that you just created ‘Flatten overprints (Copy 2)’.
    • Under that heading, select ‘Fixups’.
    • In the center window pane select ‘Flatten overprinting and transparency’ then click the pencil icon below the window pane to edit it.
    • Below the window panes you will see settings for:
      • Raster/vector balance (change this to 20)
      • Line art and text resolution (keep at 300 ppi)
      • Gradient and mesh resolution (keep at 150 ppi)
    • Then un-check the following:
      • Convert all text to outlines
      • Convert all strokes to outlines
      • Clip complex regions
      • Preserve overprint
  • That same page also mentions two other workarounds:
    • Convert all text to outlines
    • Open the document in the latest version of Acrobat Pro and print from that application