Offending command: readstring

A PostScript error ioerror, offending command readstring most likely point to either a data transmission/corruption issue or a software bug.


  • The first thing to try is resend your document, possibly from another computer. If there is a different way to generate the same printfile (e.g. export to PDF and print the resulting file°, then give that a try.
  • The above error can show up when you try to print separations of an Adobe InDesign 1.x document that contains an EPS graphic with embedded fonts. This error is documented in the Adobe database.There are a couple of solutions for this problem:
  • Update to the AdobePS 4.3.1 printerdriver. It can be downloaded for free from the Adobe web site.
  • Deselect all printer’s marks in the Page Marks panel of the Print dialog box before printing.
  • Choose a different PPD file that doesn’t have as many features. For example, try using the Acrobat Distiller PPD file.
  • Reduce the size of the Illustrator EPS graphic by resizing it in InDesign or reduce the complexity of the drawing in Illustrator.