Offending command: savelevel1

Attempting to print from QuarkXPress for Windows 4.0 can result in the PostScript error ‘undefined’, offending command: ‘savelevel1’

This can happen if the printer driver in use has its PostScript format set to ‘optimize for portability’ rather than ‘optimize for speed.’ This option is available in the PostScript tab for both the Adobe drivers and the standard Microsoft PostScript driver version 4.0. Set the driver’s PostScript format to ‘optimize for speed’ to get rid of the error.

PostScript errors, offending command ‘savelevel1’ can also occur when printing Quark PostScript files made ‘ADSC’ (Optimized for Portability in the print settings) from within older versions of ScenicSoft Preps. This error should be fixed in Preps 3.52.