Offending command: scalefont

A PostScript error offending command scalefont can occur when a job containing very small (below 0.x points) text is send to a RIP. Such small type can end up unwanted in a file if small text is set in an EPS and then that EPS is scaled down a lot in the lay-out application.


  • Convert the small text to outlines. Most drawing applications like Illustrator or FreeHand as well as some lay-out programs like InDesign offer this functionality.
  • Delete the type that causes the problems: it will be unreadable anyway so why not get rid of it ?
  • On a Lexmark T63x a PostScript error; Flushing buffer error; ERROR: typecheck Offending Command: scalefont can be resolved by updating the printer firmware to version 551.040 or later. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support to obtain this firmware.