Offending command: setpageparams

This is my favorite PostScript error because it is usually so easy to troubleshoot. ‘Setpageparams’ is used in a lot of applications to define the size of the document that is send to the RIP. If there is a problem with it, this virtually always means that the page send to the printer or imagesetter is too large to be handled by that device.


  • Sometimes the size of the document is correct but the output orientation is set incorrectly.
  • You should also check the printerdriver (PPD) used to print the document. Make sure it is an up-to-date and correct PPD for the device you are printing to.
  • I have also encountered instances where customers defined an incorrect film width in the setup menus of their imagesetter. They ordered a new, larger film size but forgot to update the setup of the imagesetter.
  • RIP software can cause this error. Some versions of Agfa RIP software include an option to let the RIP add cropmarks and registration marks. The RIP software does this by adding a page border. Sometimes this border makes the page size exceed the imageable area of the imagesetter.