Offending command: status

A PostScript error typecheck, offending command status can occur when printing from Acrobat Reader 3.01 or Exchange 3.01 to certain PostScript level 1 printers (e.g. NEC Silentwriter 2 model 90, Apple LaserWriter II NT, HP LaserJet IIP, HP LaserJet lll series).


  • The easiest work-around is to get hold of a copy of Reader 3.0 or Exchange 3.0 and print from those. These older versions do not cause this error to appear.
  • Another work-around is to try and print to a PostScript level 2 printer.
  • One last resort is to download the code below to the printer and then print your job:

serverdict begin 0 exitserver
/status load type /operatortype ne
{ (3.01 Patch already loaded\n) }
{ (xxx) status }
{ $error /newerror false put
/+@status /status load def
/status { dup type /stringtype eq
{ pop false } { +@status } ifelse }
bind def
} if
(3.01 Patch loaded\n)} ifelse
print flush
%% end of snippet