Postscript error: undefinedresource

This error only occurs on PostScript level 2 or 3 RIPs. It indicates the RIP cannot find a resource instance. Resources are data files that the RIP uses. These can include fonts, transfer curves, screening data, software modules,…. .


  • Contact the supplier of your RIP or printer to check if this is a known error. For Ghostscript, for instance, there used to be some patches available for older versions to solve this type of errors.
  • If the error pops up regularly, it might point to a corrupted file or file system on the RIP. Reinstalling the software might help.
  • It isn’t always the RIP or printer that is to blame for this error, sometimes it is the application that generates the print data. There are for instance posts across the web discussing ‘undefinedresource’ errors when printing to HP laser printers using Adobe Reader (e.g. version 8.1.2). Using other versions of Adobe Reader seems to be the best solution available.
  • If you run into a PostScript error: undefinedresource; OffendingCommand: findresource when saving a FrameMaker for Mac OS document as a PDF, consult Adobe technote 320140