Straight Tuck End Box

In packaging, a straight tuck end box or STE box is a type of end opening box that is glued on one side. The top and bottom flaps close on the same side of the box, whereas with reverse tuck end boxes the opposite ends tuck in opposite directions. At the company that packages goods, they pop open the box and close the bottom and top flaps after inserting the product. Since the flaps can close at the back of the box, the front or face of an STE box is better looking and more visually appealing to consumers. It may have a window to display the goods it contains. STE boxes can be made from corrugated cardboard or other materials. Packaging printers offer them in a wide variety of predefined sizes or can customize the dimensions of the boxes depending on their intended content.

Advantages of STE boxes

  • Simple assembly: The box pops open and only the bottom and lid need forming.
  • Easy loading of a variety of retail products: Product can be inserted from either the top or bottom of the box.
  • Visually appealing look of the face of the box.

Disadvantages of STE boxes

  • On displays, STE boxes may not fit as snugly together as other types of boxes.
  • STE boxes can be more expensive than RTE boxes due to less efficient material usage in manufacturing.