Prepress operators for offsett & digital

With this poll, wich ran between March 2016 and January 2017, visitors were asked ‘Who processes data for offset and digital printing?’. Is it a single person or team, or do the digital presses have their own dedicated prepress operators? The disadvantage of polls that ask general questions to a broad audience is that they don’t leave any room for nuance. The volume of work that gets printed has a big impact on the way prepress is organized. For larger digital presses or multiple units, it makes sense to have people in charge of just keeping the machines running, without much involvement in job setup. So the results of this poll don’t really tell us that much, but here they are anyway.

Who processes data for offset and digital printing?

  • The same prepress operators handle both (44%, 149 Votes)
  • Separate operators for offset and digital (35%, 117 Votes)
  • Not applicable for us (22%, 73 Votes)

Total Voters: 339

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