This page is meant for general feedback about this site. It isn’t the best spot for random questions about problems you ran into.

If you have a great idea to enhance this site or want to point out an error, please let me know. Proposals for affiliate marketing will be ignored.

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  1. Hi. I am writing a book on sports trade cards (e.g., baseball cards) and would kindly ask your permission to use the information and images from your website as part of my book. Baseball and other sports cards is intimately link with printing which is why I am asking your permission to use the said information and images. Naturally I will reference all that needs to be. Please let me know is you need anything from me. Hoping for a yes, many thanks Claude

    1. Thanks for the feedback. My programming skills are too limited to create a app. I also don’t see what it would add that the current site does not offer.

  2. Just want to show my gratitude for making your such a useful notebook available to everyone.

    Thanks a bundle!!! : )

  3. Hi Laurens!

    I’m a prepress -one man show type- operator from Greece.
    Thank’s a million for your site,keep up the good work!

  4. hi!
    i don’t know if its the right place to write it..but..
    My name is Yulia,im from Israel.
    Im graphic designer…and im used to read more about art and design and not about technical things,but your site is great!:)
    so much useful information,very helped me.

  5. When reading about vectors and bitmaps, I saw a sentence that said something about company logo’s. A professional website should know that that’s an unnecessary apostrophe since it’s talking about plural logos, not that the logo is showing posession. Please fix this.

    1. I did. English isn’t my mother tongue and mistakes like this get through, especially if the spell checker doesn’t catch them. Thanks for pointing out the error.

  6. Laurens,

    There’s an outdated link on your page /library/file-formats/tiff. Near the bottom of that page, it links to the old Unofficial TIFF home page, but that page is long gone. Nowadays, the unofficial TIFF home is

    The filesize issue may also be regarded somewhat outdated. We have a page over at on a community effort to extend the TIFF file format beyond the 4 gigabyte limit. This new TIFF-based format, or new version of TIFF, depending on your point of view, is called BigTIFF, and did already get support inside the semi-official open source TIFF codec LibTiff.

    Keep it up!

  7. Hi, Laurens! My name is Anna Brooks and I am from Eltima Software Company. Can you please send me your contact e-mail? Thanks in advance.

  8. Why should ppi be double the line screen? 150lpi print requires 300 ppi image, I know the rule but it makes no sense. A cmyk print job at 150lpi has four dots of varying sizes depending on the colour being rendered, which can only describe a single pixel, so a 150ppi should look exactly like a 300ppi image, if fact the results should be more predictable. This seems to be a huge redundancy and files 4 times the size what the need to be.

    The question is related to ink jet printers advertising say a 1440dpi, how many dpi are required to render a single pixel. If the micro dots are all the same size it might require a 16×16 matrix to render a single pixel which would put it below 100ppi. Do they achieve the image quality by mimicking a continuos tone image? Rolland advertises a variable size dot but I some how doubt its any like the 5% to 95% accuracy of a press line screen. The stochastic screening I sure helps the inkjet prints.

  9. a long time ago – at this wonderful web address – there used to be a link to an afterward that I wrote for a book that was published by Frank Romano – PDF Printing and Publishing – The Next Revolution After Guttenberg…

    and a link to the my 1997 cmyk.pdf file

    Did they get thrown out with all that other stuff prior to 2007 ?

  10. Very good job.
    I have started to translated into Romanian some articles from your site. I want to publish the Romanian translation to my blog if you will agree. The materials will be published showing the source and the author, with link to your site.
    It is a very good information for clients, printers and designers and students in graphic arts. We need a lot.

  11. good jobs is their sizes for preprint materials printing size in your website (eg: 1/4, 1/8, 1/10 etc).
    If you doesn’t have ihave that is their any benefits to me if i froward that to you people.
    if interested plz reply to the mail id

  12. Please send me your newsletter every month

    Thank ‘q’

    # 36-4/2
    Wanaparthy, Mahabubnagar Dist.,
    Andhra Pradesh (India) – 509 103
    Cell 912213162

  13. I would like to know how to go about changing the name of a font that I have purchased…adding a 01 in front of it to force it to go to the head of my font list.
    I work with a select number of fonts that I would like to stay close together at the top of my font list when opened in CS4 illustrator or Word….I have seen it done on someone else’s computer but can not ask them how they did it to a font they did not create.

  14. I am seeking out possible link partners that our visitors would be interesting in visiting. I’ve found your website to be a very good fit for our visitors. I have already gone ahead and added your link to our website at:

    This is not an automated message, and as you can see there are only seven links at this time deemed useful enough for our visitors. It would be great if you could link to us as well. Please feel free to contact me for additional info.

  15. You’ve provided very good information. I’m a Technology Education Teacher at Mount Tabor High School. One of the classes I teach is communications. Our mascot is a Spartan, The Spartans; we are Sparta, that whole line. I’ve been looking for a type font to pitch to the Athletic and Arts Boosters. They do everything in Arial or Times New Roman. I want to bang my head against a wall. I liked Lithos, but I love Rusticana. Do you know of any other type fonts along the Ancient Greek Theme?

  16. Question: I am looking for a script font similar to Kunstler but not as widespread and overused. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. I am glad you liked it. D
      on’t forget to send your students to this site. Some students tend to use the commenting feature for all kinds of ‘creative’ feedback but I hope they all pick up something worthwhile as well.

  17. Thanks, I really enjoyed reading the History of Prepress. I’d say it brings back a lot of memories, but the industry is still in such a state of change, who has time to stop and reminisce to long. The ‘new’ old school is pre-Adobe CS, right?

  18. Hello Laurens!

    What a delightful site you have! It’s been a while – we have much to catch up on. Please contact me offline at my e-mail.

    Best Regards,
    – Pierre

    P.S. The Plantin-Moretus composing room looks just as I rembember it when I visited it back in 1999. Of course, it has not changed much in four hundred years!

  19. I’m a prepress geek myself. Also do AppleScript, Java, SQL and Color Management and I’d be thrilled to help out on your site.

  20. Hi,

    Thank you for reading this. I am James Hostin and I own a number of websites. I came across your site today. I found it really enthralling.
    I hope you will consider my proposition of buying text-links on your site.
    Let me know if you would like to know more about this.
    Best regards,

    James Hostin

  21. Dear Laurens,

    I am very glad to see you have rebuild your awesome site and that you have started with it again.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks…

    (Perhaps you don’t remember I asked your permission somne years ago to translate and publish Spanish versions of your PDF corner pages. They are the cornerstone of the little I know aboput PDF and they are visited every day by Spanish speaking people). I’ve got to rebuild the links to your pages.

    So much to do… 🙂

  22. This is a question I have. I will be working with Lightning source and I have to format the cover of a book. I was told that I need some art creation software that can open an EPS file. The software should also be able to calculate the DPI. What should I buy? Thanks.

  23. I have been searching around on your (newly discovered) site, and think it’s great. I also live waaaaay out in the boonies and have a very slow dialup account.

    Your site is nicely designed and has a light footprint, but sometimes that’s not even smalll enough. I rely on an RSS reader a great deal to get the information i want.

    I don’t see an option for RSS here; am i missing something?

  24. Thanks for the feedback – I hope that we can come up with some good ways of combining the dynamics of a forum with the more static and structured nature of this site.

  25. The coordination between this site and the b4print forums is very exciting to me, thank you in advance to all involved and may this be a fruitful marriage!

  26. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    The page on transparency still needs to get done, my apologies for not adding it yet. It has been on the to-do list for years but somehow I know this needs to get added but am not terribly excited about the prospect of getting started on that page.

    On the previous version of this site, my e-mail address was visible on a lot of pages. Daily I still get tons of spam coming from e-mail harvesters. Others used the address to ask all kind of support questions, expecting me to solve their prepress worries, by preference the same day. Sorry, I’ve learned my lesson.

  27. hi, this is one of the most useful site, i have ever seen for information related to PS and PDF, THANKS FOR IT..
    but you have moved the information related to “Transparency ” from the PDF chapter,please restore it or if possible please send me the related information.
    One more thing, if possible add some more information on JDF, and yes, please give me your e-mail ID, i would really be honored to be touch with such an intellegent person..


  28. I redid the site using WordPress, probably the most popular blogging software around. Even though this site is not a blog, WordPress is flexible enough to build a site like this one. It is open source software, free, easy to use and I installed it in a few minutes, as promised by the makers. What more can one want?

    Prepress Pete will come back but I need to sort out how to create the cartoon. Currently I am playing around with ArtRage II, a fun drawing application that might be suitable.

  29. Cool Laurens … first of all, I want Pete (yes I am a fan) back and if Illustrator is the issue … hum … well, let’s say this could be arranged.

    PS. Is your new site made with what I think it is ?

  30. How can I get in direct contact with you? I’d like to discuss a few things with you relating to your site and content?

    1. There are actually Prepress Pete fans?

      I have been thinking about bringing the cartoon back to life but I am not that good at drawing, don’t have Illustrator any longer at my disposal and need to install the ‘25 hours per day’ update first.

      Pete will be back, but I need to figure out a way to get cartoons done with minimal effort & a decent quality & it should be fun to do. Keep watching….

  31. We had a 6088 page PDF from the client where every 8 pages were to be stapled by the copier. We would have had to print each 8 page range, 761 times by hand!

    So I wrote this script that sends every 8 page set to the default printer for you.

    To test, remember to stop your print que beforehand.

    I had to first print a page to set up Tray use, staple location and other critiria. Acrobat remembers the last printer and its settings for subsequent prints.

    Check it out at:

  32. I enjoyed reminiscing about the early days of PostScript. I have been told that when I persuaded my newspaper to adopt PostScript, vs: ICL for our new Autologic imager setters (APS4 or APS5), that I was one of the first to do so; and on Ethernet to boot (mid 80’s?). Before that, I spent a large amount of $$ (around $50K for both) for an Emerald Rip to drive a Monotype tabloid size laser printer for our new Mac’s to output ads. The Macs were IIfx’s. The 21” monitor was about $2.5k and the interface card to drive it was $2.5k and the Mac (I forget how little memory it had) was at least $5K. We finally were able to comfortably output things when I was able to purchase four DEC Alpha’s, running Window NT to run the Autologic PostScript rips. Thanks for the memories. I am the technology person, not the creative person. I would enjoy you describing picture resolution using your down to earth descriptions (ie. dpi vs: screen vs: pixels)

  33. I like the new design and additional info. I think it’s easier to navigate. There is one typo on your JDF standard page – players is spelled “palyers”. Also, I love the fun section. Any more where they came from?

    1. Thanks for pointing that I shouldn’t move popular pages around. I went through the list of most popular pages and added custom page forwarding pages that redirect traffic from the old location of pages to the new ones. Unfortunately I am not able to do that with any of the pages in the library. I looked at possible work-arounds but am not that happy with the fairly confusing info I find on the WordPress support pages.

      I guess people will have to learn to live with the new URL at

      I also fixed the typo on the JDF page and extended that page a bit. As for more prepress horror stories: I am not aware on any other sites that contain such stories. I do remember a thread on the ctpp forum on and will try to get hold of those tales.

    2. It took me 2 years to learn that there is this cool WordPress plugin that can redirect pages. Problem fixed (admittedly somewhat late).

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