Font management tools

The operating system that runs on every computer comes with basic support for managing fonts. The functions that are available are sufficient for users who don’t have an extensive library of fonts and don’t need to add or remove fonts on a regular basis. For all other users, there are font managers (sometimes referred to as font utilities or font tools, even though they are management tools). These are separate applications that provide more features than the operating system itself, including:

  • the ability to organize large libraries of fonts
  • activate or deactivate fonts or groups of typefaces, either manually or automatically
  • print font samples in a wide variety of ways
  • warn about corrupted or damaged font files

Which font managers are available for Mac OS?

Next to font management tools, there are dozens of interesting font utilities, such as Font Pilot.

Which font managers are available for Windows?

Comparing different font managers

There are some excellent reviews on the web that compare various font management programs.

2 thoughts on “Font management tools

  1. All great and so on, but what if I don’t want the fonts I use in other programs (like Paint Shop Pro)
    to be installed and I don’t want to use a font manager?

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