OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard font list

Below is a list of all of the fonts that ship with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. These are either TrueType, OpenType or DFont fonts.

Fonts in /System/Library/Fonts

These fonts are always installed.

  • Apple Braille Outline 6 Dot.ttf
  • Apple Braille Outline 8 Dot.ttf
  • Apple Braille Pinpoint 6 Dot.ttf
  • Apple Braille Pinpoint 8 Dot.ttf
  • Apple Braille.ttf
  • Apple Symbols.ttf
  • AppleGothic.ttf
  • AquaKana.ttc
  • Courier.dfont
  • Geeza Pro Bold.ttf
  • Geeza Pro.ttf
  • Geneva.dfont
  • HelveLTMM
  • Helvetica LT MM
  • Helvetica.dfont
  • HelveticaNeue.ttc
  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W3.otf
  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W6.otf
  • Hiragino Mincho ProN W3.otf
  • Hiragino Mincho ProN W6.otf
  • Keyboard.ttf
  • LastResort.ttf
  • LiHei Pro.ttf
  • LucidaGrande.ttc
  • Menlo.ttc
  • Monaco.dfont
  • STHeiti.ttf
  • STHeiti Light.ttc
  • STXihei.ttf
  • Symbol.ttf
  • Thonburi.ttf
  • ThonburiBold.ttf
  • Times LT MM
  • Times.dfont
  • TimesLTMM
  • ZapfDingbats.ttf

Fonts in /Library/Fonts

Some of the fonts that are installed in /Library/Fonts always get installed. Others will not be installed if you disable the ‘Additional fonts’ check box in the customization options of the OS X installer.

Always installed

  • AmericanTypewriter.ttc
  • Andale Mono.ttf
  • Apple Chancery.ttf
  • Apple LiGothic Medium.ttf
  • Arial Black.ttf
  • Arial Bold Italic.ttf
  • Arial Bold.ttf
  • Arial Italic.ttf
  • Arial Narrow Bold Italic.ttf
  • Arial Narrow Bold.ttf
  • Arial Narrow Italic.ttf
  • Arial Narrow.ttf
  • Arial Rounded Bold.ttf
  • Arial Unicode.ttf
  • Arial.ttf
  • Baskerville.ttc
  • BigCaslon.ttf
  • Brush Script.ttf
  • Chalkboard.ttc
  • Chalkduster.ttf
  • Cochin.ttc
  • Comic Sans MS Bold.ttf
  • Comic Sans MS.ttf
  • Copperplate.ttc
  • Courier New Bold Italic.ttf
  • Courier New Bold.ttf
  • Courier New Italic.ttf
  • Courier New.ttf
  • Didot.ttc
  • Futura.ttc
  • Georgia Bold Italic.ttf
  • Georgia Bold.ttf
  • Georgia Italic.ttf
  • Georgia.ttf
  • GillSans.ttc
  • Hei.dfont
  • Herculanum.ttf
  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W3.otff
  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W6.otf
  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std W8.otf
  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN W8.otf
  • Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro W4.otf
  • Hiragino Maru Gothic ProN W4.otf
  • Hiragino Mincho Pro W3.otf
  • Hiragino Mincho Pro W6.otf
  • Hiragino Sans GB W3.otf (this font might be an optional one)
  • Hiragino Sans GB W6.otf (this font might be an optional one)
  • Hoefler Text.ttc
  • Hoefler Text Ornaments.ttf (this font might be an optional one)
  • Impact.ttf
  • Kai.ttf
  • MarkerFelt.ttc
  • Microsoft Sans Serif.ttf
  • Optima.ttc
  • Osaka.ttf
  • OsakaMono.ttf
  • Papyrus.ttc
  • Skia.ttf
  • STHeiti Medium.ttc (this font might be an optional one)
  • Tahoma Bold.ttf
  • Tahoma.ttf
  • Times New Roman Bold Italic.ttf
  • Times New Roman Bold.ttf
  • Times New Roman Italic.ttf
  • Times New Roman.ttf
  • Trebuchet MS Bold Italic.ttf
  • Trebuchet MS Bold.ttf
  • Trebuchet MS Italic.ttf
  • Trebuchet MS.ttf
  • Verdana Bold Italic.ttf
  • Verdana Bold.ttf
  • Verdana Italic.ttf
  • Verdana.ttf
  • Webdings.ttf
  • Wingdings 2.ttf
  • Wingdings 3.ttf
  • Wingdings.ttf
  • Zapfino.ttf

Optionally not installed

  • AlBayan.ttf
  • AlBayanBold.ttf
  • Apple LiSung Light.ttf
  • AppleMyungjo.ttf
  • ArialHB.ttf
  • ArialHBBold.ttf
  • Ayuthaya.ttf
  • Baghdad.ttf
  • BiauKai.ttf
  • CharcoalCY.dfont
  • Corsiva.ttf
  • CorsivaBold.ttf
  • DecoTypeNaskh.ttf
  • DevanagariMT.ttf
  • DevanagariMTBold.ttf
  • EuphemiaCASBold.ttf
  • EuphemiaCASItalic.ttf
  • EuphemiaCASRegular.ttf
  • GenevaCY.dfont
  • GujaratiMT.ttf
  • GujaratiMTBold.ttf
  • Gungseouche.ttf
  • Gurmukhi.ttf
  • HeadlineA.ttf
  • HelveticaCY.dfont
  • InaiMathi.ttf
  • Kailasa.ttf
  • Kokonor.ttf
  • Krungthep.ttf
  • KufiStandardGK.ttf
  • LiSong Pro.ttf
  • MshtakanBold.ttf
  • MshtakanBoldOblique.ttf
  • MshtakanOblique.ttf
  • MshtakanRegular.ttf
  • Nadeem.ttf
  • NewPeninimMT.ttf
  • NewPeninimMTBold.ttf
  • NewPeninimMTBoldInclined.ttf
  • NewPeninimMTInclined.ttf
  • NISC18030.ttf
  • PCmyoungjo.ttf
  • Pilgiche.ttf
  • PlantagenetCherokee.ttf
  • Raanana.ttf
  • RaananaBold.ttf
  • Sathu.ttf
  • Silom.ttf
  • STFangsong.ttf
  • STKaiti.ttf
  • STSong.ttf


Some of the fonts in the above lists have file names that contain non-Roman characters. They are listed here with the file names that appear when you ask for more information about the fonts, instead of their chinese or other characters.

33 thoughts on “OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard font list

  1. Just do it in Apple’s Font Book. Or, yes, you can move fonts out of the Fonts folder. (Though I would leave any fonts in the System/Fonts folder alone.

  2. I think the only fonts you should keep your hands off of are the ones in System/Library/Fonts. As for the fonts in Library/Fonts, I think you can go ahead and remove them. Microsoft used to put fonts in ~/Library/Fonts, too.

    But! why would you really want to? If your jobs are coming in from Adobe products, their software since CS 5 has put the fonts used in a Font folder in the project’s exported folder. Adobe programs read those fonts, first. And, for Quark, I think you can put whatever fonts you want to use for a job in your User’s Font’s folder. The User’s font folder is read before the other two listed above.

  3. Hey – just stumpled upon your blog. I am so fet up with all these extra fonts in OSX. Incoming graphic jobs with special typefaces for brands and clients + my own favorite selections make more that enough fonts i graphic applications.

    My Question
    Can i remove/deactive the /Library/Fonts ?
    Once it was possible to make a Fonts Off folder below the Fonts folder and move them there. Is that still a viable solution with Snow Leopard?

    Thanks in advance
    Stewart 😉

  4. What makes you think it is a font problem? It could be; but, where did you hear that?

    So, you are saying there is a font conflict that Vector Works cannot resolve? If that is the case, I would suspect you would have to open the file on an older computer, change the font, and then transfer it to the new computer. Or, let the developer know and hope for an update.

    1. I assume it’s a font problem b/c that’s what VWX tech help people told me. Wish I understood it better—- it has to do with the fact that VWX default font seems to be MENLO, which is new as of Leopard. The only way I can create ANY text in VWX on my MacBookPro is to set the font as MENLO. And of course the bigger problem is I cant work on pre-existing files created on my desktop Mac (OS10.5.8, and thus lacking menlo).

  5. My MacBook Pro runs 10.6, and I’m not able to view or create any text when I open Vectorworks files created on my desktop Mac, which runs in OS10.5.8. Ive learned this has to do with Snow Leopard’s new font, Menlo. Apparently the work-around is to change all files’ fonts to Menlo before opening them on the newer computer. (If I just upgrade to 10.6 on the desktop, I dont think Ill be able to view the text of older files at all.) So — can I download MENLO onto my desktop (10.5.8)? and how?

  6. Does anyone know the difference between OpenType Pro vs OpenType ProN fonts?

    Apple installs Japanese fonts such as: Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W3.otff
    They also install Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN W3.otff

    What is the difference?

    1. That is an interesting question but unfortunately I do not know the answer. An OpenType Pro font typically contains a larger set of characters (glyphs) than a regular non-pro version. Some foundries, for example, include Cyrillic and Greek character sets in their Pro fonts. With the ProN fonts, I assume that the N refers to a specific type of additional characters that are included. I cannot find any reference to support that theory though.

    2. For Apple’s Japanese fonts, the difference indicated by adding the “N” in the name is essentially “Newer” glyph preferences for a handful of glyphs.

      The original versions in this case comply with the Japanese JIS-90 (1990) standard, while the newer ones comply with the more recent JIS-2004 standard. The differences are in the shapes of about 170 kanji characters.

      To maintain compatibility, Apple continues to make the older fonts available and bundles them as well. Perhaps some day they will go away, but given how exceedingly conservative Japanese publishers are in these sorts of issues, I would not hold my breath.

  7. How could they exclude DevanagariMT from the default set??? This is a bare minimum requirement to be able to read and contribute to websites (not just Indian ones, but also ones like facebook) in Indian languages.

  8. Hi, just wondering if anyone has an opinion on which version of illustrator would be best for me? I am on an imac with 10.6.3 snow leopard and have never upgraded my system. I’m getting scared by all the forums i’m reading about people crashing etc after installing illustrator. I have never had any adobe programs on this computer and bought it brand new.

    I’d appreciate any comments!

  9. im jurnalist, please tell me do you write a lot of articles on other subject? nice pen;)

  10. My MS entourage 2008 crashes and each time I find arial ttf in the recovered files folder of the trash folder.

    Can I make it go away by replacing the font?
    If so can you point me to where I can get the font, and suggest how I might install it.

  11. Just checked my system fonts and I have all those listed above. Only duplicates were removed. Don’t know why menu fonts are so light.

  12. I recently bought a used Mac with Snow Leopard installed. The system’s fonts were too light. I followed Apple.com’s support page and used Font Book to delete duplicate fonts. All the ones with ttf were taken out. Now, the Menu, etc., are still too light. Do I need the ttf font’s after all?

  13. If you know someone who has the same OS as you, try burning their fonts folder to a disk. Apple was going to have me reinstall MacOS X 10.6, but I ran to my Mom’s house and burned her fonts to a disc and Bingo!

    It was 618 MB, so no wonder it’s not a readily available ZIPPED file online…

  14. Thanks for all the help… I’m haveing serious issues with Snow Leopard and CS5 and they are all related to the way fonts are handled… so I had to un-install all the fonts (except the system ones) and now CS5 works… but ist is very limited.

    Anyway, I also discovered that I’m missing some of the fonts listed in your list.

    Any idea of where I can find them without having to reinstall Snow Leopard?


  15. Thanks for the list (and thanks to the list the commenter left as well). This has helped me organize my fonts and know what I should and shouldn’t have, as well as what I might let go of.

    @ A Traveler, I still have New York if you want it.

  16. Call me old school, but when mac first came out they had a font called New York. I have lost, found, lost, etc. that font. I sure wish Mac had included it and not droped it from their line up.

    Happy Trails,

    A Traveler

  17. Thx for the list m8. I’ve compared the lists to the actual install packages and they are accurate.

    Here are the lists for iWork 09 and Adobe CS4 Suite:

    iWork ’09

    Academy Engraved LET
    Bank Gothic
    Blackmoor LET
    BlairMdITC TT-Medium
    Bodoni Ornaments ITC TT
    Bodoni SvtyTwo ITC TT
    Bodoni SvtyTwo OS ITC TT
    Bodoni SvtyTwo SC ITC TT
    Bordeaux Roman Bold LET
    Bradley Hand ITC TT-Bold
    Jazz LET
    Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT
    Party LET
    PortagoITC TT
    Princetown LET
    Santa Fe LET
    Savoye LET
    SchoolHouse Cursive B
    SchoolHouse Printed A
    Snell Roundhand
    Stone Sans ITC TT
    Synchro LET
    Type Embellishmnt One LET

    Adobe CS4 Suite


  18. For copyright reasons it is obviously impossible to offer a compressed file with all of these fonts in it. This site is my notebook on all things prepress, it isn’t meant to be a ticket to jail.

    1. as a designer who has used macs since the beginning, i’m disappointed that the computer industry has not given us a simple up-to-date solution to fonts – such as lists of what we must install and what we can leave out without causing problems.

      for a professional designer installing and having to look at long lists of (optional) fonts takes too much time, when looking for the actual font we will use.

      thanks a lot for the info here.

      best wishes,


  19. Yes I for some odd copy paste old lib reason messed up my fonts so it would be wonderful to be able to download the original ones without reinstalling everything again

    Oh pretty please !!!

  20. I echo Scotts comment. I don’t want to have to reinstall everything, so can we please have a download?

  21. Can We download a zip file of all these fonts to replace the conflicts
    Seriously, I don’t want to re install everything

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