Microsoft Windows 7 font list

Below is a list of all of the fonts that ship with Microsoft Windows 7. Collections get one single entry in this overview.

  • Aharoni Bold
  • Andalus Regular
  • Angsana New, Angsana New Bold, Angsana New Italic & Angsana New Bold Italic
  • AngsanaUPC, AngsanaUPC Bold, AngsanaUPC Italic & AngsanaUPC Bold Italic
  • Aparajita, Aparajita Bold, Aparajita Italic & Aparajita Bold Italic
  • Arabic Typesetting Regular
  • Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Black, Arial Italic & Arial Bold Italic
  • Arial Unicode MS Regular
  • Batang
  • BatangChe
  • Browallia New, Browallia New Bold, Browallia New Italic & Browallia New Bold Italic
  • BrowalliaUPC, BrowalliaUPC Bold, BrowalliaUPC Italic & BrowalliaUPC Bold Italic
  • Calibri, Calibri Bold, Calibri Italic & Calibri Bold Italic
  • Cambria, Cambria Bold, Cambria Italic & Cambria Bold Italic
  • Cambria Math
  • Candara, Candara Bold, Candara Italic & Candara Bold Italic
  • Comic Sans MS & Comic Sans MS Bold
  • Consolas, Consolas Bold, Consolas Italic & Consolas Bold Italic
  • Constantia, Constantia Bold, Constantia Italic & Constantia Bold Italic
  • Corbel, Corbel Bold, Corbel Italic, Corbel Bold Italic
  • Cordia New, Cordia New Bold, Cordia New Italic & Cordia New Bold Italic
  • CordiaUPC, CordiaUPC Bold, CordiaUPC Italic & CordiaUPC Bold Italic
  • Courier New, Courier New Bold, Courier New Italic & Courier New Bold Italic
  • DaunPenh
  • David & David Bold
  • DFKai-SB
  • DilleniaUPC, DilleniaUPC Bold, DilleniaUPC Italic & DilleniaUPC Bold Italic
  • DokChampa
  • Dotum
  • DotumChe
  • Ebrima & Ebrima Bold
  • Estrangelo Edessa
  • EucrosiaUPC, EucrosiaUPC Bold, EucrosiaUPC Italic & EucrosiaUPC Bold Italic
  • Euphemia
  • FangSong
  • Franklin Gothic Medium & Franklin Gothic Medium Italic
  • FrankRuehl
  • FreesiaUPC, FreesiaUPC Bold, FreesiaUPC Italic & FreesiaUPC Bold Italic
  • Gabriola
  • Gautami & Gautami Bold
  • Georgia, Georgia Bold, Georgia Italic, & Georgia Bold Italic
  • Gisha & Gisha Bold
  • Gulim
  • GulimChe
  • Gungsuh
  • GungsuhChe
  • Impact
  • IrisUPC, IrisUPC Bold, IrisUPC Italic & IrisUPC Bold Italic
  • Iskoola Pota & IskoolaPota Bold
  • JasmineUPC, JasmineUPC Bold, JasmineUPC Italic & JasmineUPC Bold Italic
  • KaiTi
  • Kalinga & Kalinga Bold
  • Kartika & Kartika Bold
  • Khmer UI & Khmer UI Bold
  • KodchiangUPC, KodchiangUPC Bold, KodchiangUPC Italic & KodchiangUPC Bold Italic
  • Kokila, Kokila Bold, Kokila Italic & Kokila Bold Italic
  • Lao UI & Lao UI Bold
  • Latha & Latha Bold
  • Leelawadee & Leelawadee Bold
  • Levenim MT & Levenim MT Bold
  • LilyUPC, LilyUPC Bold, LilyUPC Italic & LilyUPC Bold Italic
  • Lucida Console
  • Lucida Sans Unicode
  • Malgun Gothic & Malgun Gothic Bold
  • Mangal & Mangal Bold
  • Meiryo, Meiryo Bold, Meiryo Italic & Meiryo Bold Italic
  • Meiryo UI, Meiryo UI Bold, Meiryo UI Italic & Meiryo UI Bold Italic
  • Microsoft Himalaya
  • Microsoft JhengHei & Microsoft JhengHei Bold
  • Microsoft New Tai Lue & Microsoft New Tai Lue Bold
  • Microsoft PhagsPa & Microsoft PhagsPa Bold
  • Microsoft Sans Serif
  • Microsoft Tai Le & Microsoft Tai Le Bold
  • Microsoft Uighur
  • Microsoft YaHei & Microsoft YaHei Bold
  • Microsoft Yi Baiti
  • MingLiU
  • MingLiU_HKSCS
  • MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB
  • MingLiU-ExtB
  • Miriam
  • Miriam Fixed
  • Mongolian Baiti
  • MoolBoran
  • MS Gothic
  • MS Mincho
  • MS PGothic
  • MS PMincho
  • MS UI Gothic
  • MV Boli
  • Narkisim
  • NSimSun
  • Nyala
  • Palatino Linotype, Palatino Linotype Bold, Palatino Linotype Italic & Palatino Linotype Bold Italic
  • Plantagenet Cherokee
  • PMingLiU
  • PMingLiU-ExtB
  • Raavi & Raavi Bold
  • Rod
  • Sakkal Majalla & Sakkal Majalla Bold
  • Segoe Print & Segoe Print Bold
  • Segoe Script & Segoe Script Bold
  • Segoe UI, Segoe UI Bold, Segoe UI Italic, Segoe UI Bold Italic, Segoe UI Light & Segoe UI Semibold
  • Segoe UI Symbol
  • Shonar Bangla & Shonar Bangla Bold
  • Shruti & Shruti Bold
  • SimHei
  • Simplified Arabic & Simplified Arabic Bold
  • Simplified Arabic Fixed
  • SimSun
  • SimSun-ExtB
  • Sylfaen
  • Symbol
  • Tahoma, Tahoma Bold
  • Times New Roman,  Times New Roman Bold, Times New Roman Italic & Times New Roman Bold Italic
  • Traditional Arabic & Traditional Arabic Bold
  • Trebuchet MS, Trebuchet MS Bold, Trebuchet MS Italic & Trebuchet MS Bold Italic
  • Tunga & Tunga Bold
  • Utsaah, Utsaah Bold,Utsaah Italic & Utsaah Bold Italic
  • Vani & Vani Bold
  • Verdana,Verdana Bold, Verdana Italic & Verdana Bold Italic
  • Vijaya & Vijaya Bold
  • Vrinda & Vrinda Bold
  • Webdings
  • Wingdings

23 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows 7 font list

  1. Is it my imagination or do a lot of the Windows 7 fonts look the same as existing fonts? I’ve got so many fonts, I need to “thin the herd” so to speak and it seems like duplicates abound. Do I have to delete them individually or is the a batch feature? Thanks!

  2. Download one of the small Linux distros that will run from a USB stick or CD/DVD, start your PC using that and delete anything you like from Win7.

  3. I agree with Ferbat…there are so many Fonts in W7 that I would never use and wanted to know if I can delete them.
    Also when I click on the link in J’s post I get a long list of foreign writing which looks like Arabic or something similar.

  4. Why can’t I just find a list that shows me what the font looks like. 1-2 pages, 1 simple sentence per font. When you google this request, you get a method of writing a script that you can copy and paste … somewhere. HELP!

  5. I have used copperplate gothic in previous windows versions, but it does not seem to be in Windows 7. How can I instal it please

  6. I dont see “Arial Unicode MS Regular. I have Win 7 + MS Offfice 2007. I remember that i read somewhere that Win 7 doesnt support Arial Unicode Ms. Is that true?

  7. How can I install useful, English fonts on my system instead of these pointless wingdings and languages I will never use?

  8. I have “Vijaya” typeface on my new computer and I have Windows seven.

    However, when I try to type something in that “Vijaya” typeface, my typing appears on the screen and prints on my printer as a Roman face with serifs.

    How can I type in Vijaya ?

  9. +Windows7 is full of useless (for me) fonts with indian or asian names. How can I delete them and copy the fonts I have on my other computer running XP???

    1. I have no idea and guess this question is better asked on an Indian forum about either prepress or Windows.

  10. The list of fonts provided implies that Marlett is not installed with Windows 7.

    Is that really so ?

    1. I don’t see that font listed on my machine which runs Windows 7 Ultimate. Microsoft’s own list also doesn’t mention that font.

  11. I have used the ‘Andy’ type font for years on many, many documents, signs etc. It is no longer available in Windows 7 and now I get type font error messages every time I open one of those saved documents or go to revise one. How can I get ‘Andy’ restored to Windows so I can continue using it. There is no other font like it. Who makes these stupid decisions ?

    1. I went back as far as Windows 3.1 but didn’t find a Windows version that shipped with a typeface called ‘Andi’. I think that font must have been bundled with another application. Windows can be blamed for many things but not this vanishing font 😉

    2. Roger,

      I hope you found a copy of the Andy font. If not, it is available: just Google “andy font” and you’ll find it.

      Andy is made by Monotype.

      Fonts (daught-calm) says this: “Andy was designed by Steve Matteson for Monotype. Andy is a casual typeface family with a controlled spontaneity that still offers legibility needed for long documents. The Andy font family has become a popular choice for those seeking handwriting fonts.”

      MyFonts (daught-calm) has this to say: “This childish script by Agfa-Monotype designer Steve Matteson strikes a great balance between informality and legibility. The TrueType versions have been extensively tuned (“hinted”) for high legibility at small sizes on screen —a quality level termed ESQ (enhanced screen quality) by the foundry.”

      In case you don’t already know, almost every font imaginable has been run through a font editor and is available for free. The names have been changed to something similar (eg, Mistral became Minstrel, Anna became Annastasia, etc) and the quality varies from excellent to not worth the space on your HDD.

    1. I cannot find Vivaldi on my system – maybe you installed some other app that added Vivaldi to your system. Quite a few application come with extra fonts and don’t always make it clear these get installed automatically.

    1. I went over that list twice and still seem to have overlooked that one. It is now fixed, thanks for pointing out the error. The snake-like bold version is nice!

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