Kunstler Script

As its name implies, Kunstler Script is a script font, a typeface that looks as if its was handwritten. Years ago I used it for my wedding invitation, which is why Kunstler Script made it to my list of interesting fonts.

What does Kunstler Script look like?

Kunstler Script

Kunstler Script

What do you use Kunstler Script for?

This font with its flowing and artistic, yet somewhat scholarly look lends itself to formal invitations or announcements. It is not a bad choice to add a personal touch to some types of work. An advantage of this typeface is that there is also a bold and black version, something that is rare in copperplate fonts.

The history of Kunstler Script

Kunstler Script was designed by the German Stempel foundry in 1902. Hans Bohn, a German graphic artist and type designer, extended the font family in 1957 with a black weight. Nowadays this typeface is part of Linotype’s font collection.


Given the origin of this typeface, it isn’t surprising that the ‘u’ in its name really should be a ‘ü’, as in Künstler Script. The German ‘ü’ character is sometimes written ‘ue’, which is why you will also find references to Kuenstler Script.

Other sources of information

Fonts.com has a page on Kunstler Script but the Wikipedia one may be more informative.

8 August 2013

4 responses to “Kunstler Script”

  1. Zach says:

    awesome font but sometimes hard to read

  2. john says:

    Beautiful script, takes me back to my school days 1946 in Australia

  3. art vision says:

    verry nice font!

  4. Lauren says:

    very pretty font!