Palatino is a classic serif typeface. Since it is one of the ten most popular fonts, it just had to appear in my list of interesting fonts.

What does Palatino look like?

Palatino Linotype
Palatino Linotype
Palatino Linotype Bold
Palatino Linotype Bold
Palatino Linotype Italic
Palatino Linotype Italic

What do you use Palatino for?

Palatino is an easy to read and popular text typeface. Within the typeface family, a wide variety of weights and variations are available.

The history of Palatino

Palatino was designed by German typeface designer Hermann Zapf, who also created Optima. It was initially released in 1948 by the Linotype foundry.

The above examples are based on Palatino Linotype, an updated version that Zapf created in 1999 for Linotype and Microsoft. It includes extended Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic character sets.


Monotype created a Palatino look-alike called Book Antiqua. Microsoft includes this typeface in Windows and Microsoft Office.

The font is named after the 16th century Italian master of calligraphy Giambattista Palatino.

Other sources of information

Obviously there is a Wikipedia page on Palatino.

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