These technologies are or could be used in prepress environments.

  • PJTF – The Adobe Portable Job Ticket Format is the predecessor of the JDF standard.
  • QR codes – A Quick Response code is a 2D barcode that among others can be used to add a web link to a printed page. A separate page shows some creative uses of QR bar codes.
  • RAID – A technology for storing data
  • XML
  • XPS – An alternative to PDF

I also maintain notes about my Windows 7 system. Next to Windows 2000 and (for its days) Windows 95 I find it to be one of the best Microsoft operating systems I have worked with.

Other resources that might be useful:

  • A conversion table from decimal to binary, hexadecimal & the matching ASCII characters. Oddly enough this was one of the most popular pages on this site for many years.
  • Font formats – such as TrueType and Type 1

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