How to convert PDF files

Even though PDF is meant to be used as an final output format rather than an intermediate file format, it can sometimes be useful to convert PDF files to another file format. The following types of conversions are discussed on this page:

  • Convert to InDesign
  • Convert to Excel
  • Convert to Word or doc
  • Convert to an image

Convert PDF to Adobe InDesign

Recosoft has an InDesign plug-in to do this. You can find a discussion on their PDF2ID plug-in this thread on the B4print forums.

Convert PDF to Microsoft Excel

Sorry, I have never had to do this yet.

Convert PDF to MS Word or doc files

Adobe Acrobat 9 has an option to export files to MS Word.

Recosoft also has an application that can do this – the Professional version can also handle PowerPoint and other file formats.

There are a few web-based services available as well.

A interesting summary of available web and offline tools can be found here.

Convert PDF to TIFF, PNG or JPEG

Even though it is not a full blown RIP, Adobe Photoshop can do a wonderful job of converting PDF data to an image. A batch action can be used to convert tons of files automatically. On OS X systems, Automator also has a built in PDF to Jpeg action that uses Photoshop.

If you only need a small image, consider opening the PDF file in a viewer like Adobe Reader and taking a screen shot.

There is an interesting thread on the B4print forums on conversions to JPEG.

Convert PDF to HTML

Sorry, I have never had to do this yet.

9 August 2013

6 responses to “How to convert PDF files”

  1. Tony Celi says:

    How do I convert a full blown picture (spl) to a JPEG?

  2. vl says:

    OX PDF to TIFF Converter helps users convert PDF files to TIFF image format in batch mode.

  3. rmathur says:

    yes, freeware is probably not the best idea, yet converting pdf into word or text is probably simpler online without bothering to download any freeware commersial priced cheap & quick ; also if you have many pages & short of time you can probably ask them to help convert/type for you.

  4. nemop says:

    You may find some online PDF to Word conversion websites, such as or some free PDF to Word converter software, like , but these freeware doesn’t ensure the conversion quality, either losing data, formatting, or wait for quite a long time. You can also try the paid Nemo PDF To Word, which is worthy, if want the conversion quality and have a lot of files to convert. It supports batch conversion.

    • R Mathur says:

      yes, freeware is probably not the best idea anyway, however converting pdf into word or text online is probably the most convinient way too. You can do so at commersial priced cheap & quick online solution; also if you have many pages or you are short of time you can probably ask them to help you convert/type proof read or edit for you using their manual staff.

  5. luisa a. banua says:

    How to convert pdf file to word