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InDesign CS3

Placed PDF files disappear on the exported PDF: try putting the disappearing PDFs on a separate layer underneath all other content. The full story is here.

Thin white lines on screen and output

Sometimes thin white lines appear which are 0 point strokes that are turned on and that will be printed because some RIPs and preflight will make them big enough to print if you set it up that way. If you triple click one of the elements in Acrobat Pro it will select all of them and then if you un-check the stroke box in Pitstop it will get rid of the lines.You can also run a fixup preflight in Acrobat that will fix them or use a PitStop action.

One thought on “Inconsistencies

  1. Question. I am running a Docucolor 260 and RIP using a Fiery. I print exclusively from PDF’s. My question is sometimes when printing especially when a logo is involved a line appears off the logo which cannot be seen on the pdf by me or in the creative department. This line which can vary in length will print in 4 color even though it cannot be seen. We usually get rid of it by creating a white space and putting over the line. Do you have a reasonable explanation for this. can you advise please.

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