Offending command: awidthshow

A PostScript error with awidthshow as the offending command points to a problem with a specific text or font element.


  • A PostScript error invalidfont, offending command awidthshow can show up when you try to print a file containing TrueType fonts from InDesign 1.x or PageMaker 6.x to a Harlequin RIP. More information on this error can also be found in the Adobe support database.
    • Upgrade to the Harlequin ScriptWorks RIP 5.3 in which this problem was fixed.
    • You could also use only Type 1 PostScript fonts in the document since this problem is caused by TrueType fonts.
    • Or, if you are printing from InDesign, you could convert all TrueType text to outlines.
  • If you get an awidthshow error message while printing PDF files from Acrobat on a Harlequin RIP, you should follow the following procedure: create a PostScript file by printing to disk. Choose to embed all fonts or embed all but the standard 13 fonts. Your TrueType font will be embedded in the file. It may be embedded as Type 42 and or outlines to make sure it gets built properly. As a side, click Level 2 and 3 ps, and binary data as well. Once you have the ps file, make sure you click on embed all fonts in the Acrobat Distiller job options and subset 99%.
  • Jukka from Eco-Print Oy emailed me with a workaround: ‘I was printing a job from WIN Pagemaker 7.0 and I got an awidthshow error. I read your advice, but there was no time or money to update our RIP… so I tried to print my job to pdf. Then I printed it from Acrobat 5.0 because it was a greyscale job and this worked, no errors were reported by the RIP!’

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