Offending command: eofill

A PostScript error limitcheck offending command eofill is caused by complex or compound paths.


  • Try simplifying the document. It is often one particular image that causes this problem. From a thread in a forum: ‘One reliable example was a bit of clip art that was quite popular, a drawing of a businesswoman. She had earrings on, only one was visible, and it was a gradient filled circle. Problem was that the earing was so teeny on output that the interpreter was asked to fit 200+ gradient steps into < 100 device pixels. Instant limitcheck/eofill error every time.’
  • Some drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator have a function to automatically simplify curves. Use these if possible.
  • If you used the magic wand in Photoshop to mask some images: recreate the masks using the drawing tools of Photoshop. This simplifies these often very complex curves.

One thought on “Offending command: eofill

  1. When my end user tries to print a specific PDF she gets the following error Offending command: eofill
    I sent the same PDF from my pc to her printer and it printed fine but from her pc I get this error?

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