Offending command: fill

Fill errors are caused by complex or compound paths. Moders RIPs have less problems dealing with complex elements, so this is a problem that occurs less nowadays.


  • If the PostScript error is a limitcheck then a graphic on the page is too complex for the RIP.
    • Increase flatness, split paths or simplify the graphic in the drawing application
    • Lower the resolution of the RIP to solve the problem.
    • Try simplifying the document that contains the element that causes this problem.
    • Some drawing programs like Illustrator offer filters to automatically simplify curves. Use these if possible.
    • If you used the magic wand in Photoshop to mask some images: recreate the masks using the drawing tools of Photoshop. This simplifies these often very complex curves.
  • A PostScript error undefinedresult, offending command fill can occur when printing PostScript or TrueType fonts to the QMS 860 printer from FreeHand 4.x – FreeHand 7.x. To get rid of this error, you can call QMS for a printer firmware upgrade or export the illustration as an EPS graphic and print it from another application.

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