Offending command: imagemask

Errors involving the operator ‘imagemask often point to problems with either imported graphics or bitmap fonts. For the graphics, you should check line-art, greyscale and RGB or CMYK scans or drawings.

Try opening all these graphics from your page using the application used to create them and simply resave the files. Then update the links in the page and try printing again.
Also check all fonts to see if the printer fonts are installed on your system; Check whether the printer driver hasn’t been configured to pass fonts through as bitmap fonts. This is by default the case with very small TrueType fonts on all Windows operating systems.

Typecheck or rangecheck errors
If the PostScript error is ‘typecheck’ or ‘rangecheck’, you probably tried printing a PostScript level 2 file to a PostScript level 1 device. Check your driver settings.

Undefinedresult errors

When QuarkXpress 6 files containing TIFF images with a mask applied to them caused a PostScript error ‘undefinedresult’, offending command ‘imagemask’ in the Renderer of an ApogeeX 2 workflow, I got around the problem by printing pre-separated files from QuarkXPress, instead of working with a composite file. Preseparated files are created by activating the ‘Separations’ option in the QuarkXPress PRINT-menu.

2 thoughts on “Offending command: imagemask

  1. I found that if I export my faxed PDF to Word, I can save and print (even back to PDF, and print from the new PDF)

  2. This occurs only with pdf documents being sent to me via MongoFax. I can see the documents on my screen, however, they will not print.

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