Offending command: interrupt

The RIP received an external interrupt request. Somebody of something made the RIP cancel the job it was processing. This may happen on purpose, in which case it is not really an error.

Possible solutions

  • This error is shown if you abort a job that is being imaged, eg by pushing the Cancel-button on an Agfa Avantra imagesetter.
  • It can also show up when you send a page that is too large for the imagesetter and the RIP still accepts the file, but the imagesetter refuses to print it and cancels the job. Sometimes making the page 0.1 mm smaller in both directions does the job.
  • I have also seen the error on older PostScript level 1 RIPs when the job being RIPped was to complicated for the system.
  • Another explanation is that you send binary data to a printer that can’t handle it – specifically Ctrl+C (ASCII 003). Check the settings of your driver.
  • Corrupted data can also cause interrupt errors.
  • QuarkXPress 4.x will generate an “interrupt” error when you print to a Xante Accel-a-Writer 3G from Windows 95 with the Adobe PS driver 4.24. Update the Xante firmware to the latest revision to get rid of the error.

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