Offending command: invalidaccess

This error is caused by an incorrect PostScript file that is send to the RIP. There is really not much you can do to correct this type of errors (unless you’re a PostScript God and sleep with the Adobe Red Book under your pillow).

An invalidaccess error occurs when the PostScript code attempt to violate an access attribute – i.e., writing to a read-only dictionary.

General advice
You could always check whether a newer version of your application is available. Since some programs (essentially non-prepress applications) rely on the PostScript driver installed on your system to create the PostScript code that gets sent to the RIP, you can also try to use another driver to print your file.

More detailed information

There are several commands that can cause ‘invalidaccess’ PostScript errors. Click on a specific offending command to get a more detailed error description: def, findfont, put

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