Offending command: MMXPR3

A PostScript error: undefined; OffendingCommand: MMXPR3 can show up when processing a QuarkXPress layout.


– If the error occurs after sending an Xpress file to the RIP: print to a PostScript file and drop this file into the input folder of the RIP or export to a PDF file which you then send to the RIP. RIPs cannot handle QuarkXPress files directly. They are designed to process PostScript and/or PDF data.

– The error can also pop up when trying to process PostScript files from QuarkXPress when the original XPress file contains imported EPS graphics. Try reopening the EPS files and resaving them in a different file format or replacing them. Then print again to PostScript and try processing that new file.

One thought on “Offending command: MMXPR3

  1. That worked! I was going crazy trying to figure out why it wouldn’t let me create a PDF. Thanks!

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