Offending command: mysetup

A PostScript error, offending command: mysetup can show up with several applications:

  • It can happen with FrameMaker 5.x for Windows when printing to a QMS printer. The problem is caused by the QMS printer driver. This error is well documented on the Adobe website. To solve this download the latest SPD or PPD driver from the QMS web site or modify the ‘setoutputray’ line of the QMS1725.SPD file to ‘setoutputtray’.
  • With Ghostscript, the error can show up when converting a LaTeX file from PostScript to PDF (using TEXnicCenter 2.0 alpha, MiKTeX 2.8 and Ghostscript 8.71 on Windows XP). The solution is probably to upgrade to the latest versions of all application involved.

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