Offending command: nostringval

According to Adobe, this error point to an element in the layout that poses a problem for the RIP (isn’t that obvious!?!).

This could be an imported graphic but the error is most frequently caused by a damaged font.

  • Try replacing the fonts in the document
  • Open all images and resave them again in the originating application.
  • Nostringval errors can also point to problems with a hard drive of the RIP or problems with the available disk space. Check to make sure enough space is available for the RIP.

3 thoughts on “Offending command: nostringval

  1. i have the same error but it is not persistent, one time it prints without the error and other time it has error.

  2. This is not an error at all.

    PostScript language has operators that convert any object to a printable form. Some objects don’t have printable form and represented as –nostringval– .
    PostScript objects are often printed by the error handler to provide extra information about the PostScript error.

    In short, look for another keyword unique to your bug.

    1. You are right, ‘nostringval’ is reported as an offending command. It is indeed better to check the entire error message and look up the PostScript error itself. That is more likely to give a clue to the kind of problem that one is facing.

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