Offending command: renderbands

I think PostScript errors with the offending command renderbands have something to do with the complexity of print files.


  • Donny from Capiocolor reported that he occasionally gets a PostScript error offending command ‘renderbands’ or ‘renderband’ on their Harlequin level 2 RIP. The error usually occurs from an eps that has a gradient and wasn’t saved from an ‘industry standard’ application. The problem can be fixed by opening the EPS files with Adobe Illustrator and saving them as an Illustrator 6.0 format.
  • Two other solutions if you happen to have an older Harlequin RIP:
  • Flatten PDF files so that there is no transparency in the print file.
  • Switch off trapping.
  • If you are using a page setup with Recombine enabled, try it without.
  • Simplifying the print file may also help if you run into a PostScript error, offending command renderbands. One example I found on the net: an Indesign file that contained multiple .ai elements that were over 100 inches big which were reduced in size in the layout generated this error. It got fixed by reducing the original ai files in Illustrator and then placing them without any size change in the InDesign file.


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